Josy The Rabbit also known simply as Josy, (pronounced JO-ZEE by Em), is a fictional character created by the YouTuber and Cartoonist Em. Josy first appeared in a series of “test comics” on Tumblr, Josy has since been planned for a TV show, PC game, Short Films, and a Theatrical film.


She is a black and white rabbit that resembles Oswald the lucky rabbit and was based on another pre-existing character named Joey the rabbit (who later became her father in development). She has droopy black ears, White gloves and feet that are white on the bottom. In the "promotional" art, (like the image shown in her infobox) Josy wears a fringy pink top with blue flared pants/bell bottoms.


Josy's outfit from comic strip #2


Josy is portrayed as, Optimistic and fearless, but in actuality is very flawed in nature. She apparently shares most traits with her “species,” the Black Flying Hare, such as being able to fly with her “ears,” and having a craving for fish (with her favourite being Red Snappers).


A text conversation between Em and her BESTEST friend ever Katie about why Josy should be voiced by a Trans woman

It’s hinted throughout the series that Em/The Creator controls a good portion of Josy’s life, as Em IS suggested to be her legal guardian it does make good sense.



  • The reason why Josy was created as a trans character, was because Em (Josy’s creator) was (and still is) disappointed over the current representation of trans people in the media, so she created Josy to contrast and oppose all the current stereotypes about transgenders, by making her a non-op/crossdresser with short hair, and having most of the characters crush on her.
  • In the earlier comics (#1-19ish), Josy couldn't pronounce the letter L, though this was later removed due to Em wanting to focus on other aspects of her character.
  • Em has never seen anybody talk negatively about Josy's character before! (Though she has offensive terminology used when referring to similar characters, such as Shona Sommers from Gen Zed).
  • Em has compared several fictional characters to Josy the Rabbit, including, Beppe from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Candy from Space Goofs, Fidgel from 3-2-1 Penguins!, Grover, Ernie and Elmo from Sesame Street, and Anna from Frozen.