Josy The Rabbit also known simply as Josy is the protagonist of the webcomic-strips of the same name. (Comics linked at [1])


She is a black and white rabbit that resembles Oswald the lucky rabbit and was based on another pre-existing character named Joey the rabbit (who later became her biological father in development). She has droopy black ears, White gloves and feet that are white on the bottom. In the "promotional" art, (like the image shown in her infobox) Josy wears a fringy pink tank top with blue flared pants (not jeans). She wears a different outfit in every comic strip.


Josy's outfit from comic strip #2


She was born, Mervin J. Monotonius sometime between 1979 to 2000. Her mother Jessa Hare was a world famous sex symbol, And her father was the (also) famous actor Joey the rabbit. Her family has (as of now) never appeared in the 20+ comic strips.


Josy's nightie from comic strip #3

She discovered she was Androsexual
IMG 6327

The first comic to feature Josy (and Drake)

(attracted to the male gender) when she was 10, And she found out she was transgender at another point in her life. she doesn't want to get sex reassignment surgery because she's alright with her male body and believes that it isn’t a bad thing!


A text conversation between Em and her BESTEST friend Katie about why Josy should be voiced by a Trans woman

Romantic Relationships

the first time she met a Man/boy that she found attractive was when she was 13. Currently she has a crush on her next-door neighbor Drake, despite the fact that he already has a girlfriend (Heather). She might have an unhealthy obsession with him.

Friends and Acquaintances


Josy and Terry (Who is ironically a Dog. In real life dogs hunt and kill Rabbits/Hares, meaning that if the comics were realistic then Josy would be dead by now) are best friends who have appeared together in several of the comic strips.


While he hasn't co-starred with Josy in any comics yet, Em does have plans for them to appear in a story arc together. It will have them travel to various countries all around the world, as Tune is on tour (he is a singer that everyone hates because of his "bad" singing. He was based off of Squidward) and Josy just wants to have fun.

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When Em's Grandfather tried to draw Josy


Josy and Birdtha are coworkers at McMc who have have appeared together in 2 comics (Birdtha debuted as a background character in an earlier strip). Birdtha is in love with her and isn't aware of Josy's feelings for Drake.



Josy is a very optimistic & upbeat individual who's prone to episodes of rage at random (usually when she sees Heather with Drake), & while she may have an IQ of 66 she is still "sorta" smart. She is also unaware of slang terms like, Pugly, ROFL, Keke, Zing, etc. & hates getting hit on by gays who think that she is a crossdresser. She also has a very calm side to her which is seen in a lot of the comics (as of now).


- Josy's middle name is Jamiroquai, the name of an acid jazz band formed in 1992.

- She has a insane hatred for The Rock Picture Show! (A parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

- Her favourite actor is Jonny Deep (Johnny Depp), who stars in The Pirates Of The Car Beans (The Pirates of the Caribbean), and a Sureluck Nopes parody (Sherlock Gnomes).

- She is Bisexual and Heteromantic (though the creator (Em) has referred to her as being Heterosexual)

- Josy was created (as a character) in early June of 2018 (her first comic was released on June 6th)

- She idolizes Miss Jiggy (a parody of Miss Piggy)

- The reason she was created as a transgender character, was because Em (Josy’s creator) was (and still is) disappointed over the representation of trans people in the media, so she created Josy to contrast/oppose all the current stereotypes about transgenders. (If you’re a transphobe, GET OFF MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!)