Em Street also known as Citizens of Em Street is an upcoming Canadian cartoon based on the original idea created by Em.

Stated to premiere in 2019 or 2020, the series revolves around 5 young adults living in or around the titular Em Street, a place where Humans, Non-Humans, Aliens, and Inanimate objects live together in both dysfunction and harmony.

The series is accompanied by it's Canadian-French dub, titled La Rue Em.


Main Characters

  • Josy the Rabbit: A free-spirit who is new to the City and is best friends with Terry.
  • Drake Josh: Josy’s new next-door-neighbour who Drake has a crush on (and/or vice versa). Drake was named after the Canadian Pop Singer and Rapper of the same name.
  • Heather Rojo: Drake’s Venezuelan Girlfriend who works at the Em Zone. Heather was named after the Film of the same name.
  • Terry: A tomboy who is Josy’s best friend. Terry was named after her species, The Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Birdtha: Josy’s co-worker at McMc who has a crush on her. Birdtha’s name is a pun on Bird and the name Bertha.

Major Recurring Characters

  • Simon: Drake’s classmate from College. Simon was named after the actress Raven-Symone.
  • Tune Bloozshi: A Jazz singer who’s faded in popularity.
  • Harmony Bloozshi: Tune’s Wife who’s concerned about her body weight.
  • Dell: An Octopus who’s in a relationship with Simon and attends the same college as him and Drake.
  • Gabby: Josy’s older sister who is married to an unseen Human Shadow named Mr. Guye.

Minor Recurring Characters

  • Hattie Husky: One of Terry’s High School classmates.
  • Gretchen Giraffe: One of Terry’s High School classmates who acts like a Punk. Gretchen was named after Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls.
  • Monica: Josy’s neighbor whom Josy despises of because she’s a human. Monica is named after Monica from Friends.
  • Joey the Rabbit: Josy’s father who he hasn’t seen in 4 years.

Minor Characters

  • Cheyenne: Drake’s 1st Girlfriend from High School.
  • Winny: Josy’s forgotten half-sister, who is a pop singer under the stage name Winny Sweetcake.
  • The Hot Dogs: A term referring to the several Hot Dog Characters roaming across Em’s World.

Unseen Characters

  • Nikki: Josy’s deceased half sister whom she hates bringing up.
  • Josy’s Mom: Josy’s Mother who left her Father before she was born.
  • Josy’s Stepfather: Josy’s Stepfather whom Josy often brings up.
  • Mr. Guye: Gabby’s husband and Josy’s Brother-in-law.
  • Avigail “Cousin Avi: Josy’s Soviet Cousin whom he often mentions.


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