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"Are you KIDDING MEEE?!?!"

― Em[source]


An example of how much she hates female celebs

Emily or just "Em" for short, is the creater of this very website, but also a cartoon fan, A YouTuber, and Hater of the internet, but she's not a crazy feminist or anything like that, she just got a Tumblr account in order to post Josy the rabbit comics starring the character of the same name!


Em is someone who can be calm and cool 70% of the time, the other percentage, is when she’s ranting against Riley J. Dennis for not mentioning Androgyny in one of her videos! Em tends to be very unsophisticated, self-taught, and always expects the worst to happen. Em has had many friends in Elementary school, but apparently (according to her) she stopped being friends with them because they were “obsessed with their iPhones and Androids” (ironically she owns an iPad mini 1 which is her #1 possession in life), currently she says that she only has 2 friends, Jonah and Katie. She also has 2 sisters, 1 of which, Sophie is a constant “selfie hogger” who takes too many pictures of herself and who “looks like Taylor Swift trash!”

Quotes AKA. things she said

  • Hey there!
  • I don't wanna get sued by Xilam, even though I'm messaging this to you! (referring to her bestest friend ever; Katie)
  • I'm gonna be tombo (she mean't talking 'bout) the stupid Iggy Pop lyrics (referring to the song Monster Men)
  • Their not all men!
  • Oh my god, did Iggy pop, did he actually watch the show? (referring to Space Goofs)
  • He juss compose a thong, I mean song
  • The credits just consist of them (the Space Goofs) singing lalalalalalalala
  • Wait until they get to Candy (from Space Goofs), their gonna be all like, GAY QUEEEEER S**T!!!
  • It's like comparing the human race to The Three Stooges
  • I'm a freaking genius and you don't even know that!
  • I'm the Stereo (from Space Goofs) of Gen Zed, even though I belong in Gen Y with the rest of them
  • What were you thinking?
  • My mom!, My MOM!, MY MOOOM!
  • Okay, this one sounds like a swear word!
  • You got freaking Stereo!
  • Grimace meets Planet Of The Apes meets Pac-Man (that's what Em calls Gorgeous from Space Goofs)
  • Alrighty then!
  • That sounds like a Space Goofs episode to ME! (sarcastically referring to a
  • More like ZIGMA BS! (Referring to Zigma B (from Space Goofs))
  • Thank you, Stupid Invaders video game!
  • Whatever! I forgive you for male pronouns (again referring to Candy from Space Goofs), just stop freaking using them!
  • Candy is a female!
  • The Stupidity is within you! (jabbing at Star Wars)
  • Left arm twisted the wrong way, what's that called?, oh whatever!
  • you know I hate Caramel, you know, the actual candy, Not this Candy. I also know a Huniecam Studio character named Candace, NO RELATION!
  • Pulling a Joey The Rabbit (A term that she invented for referring to a person committing suicide. Joey the rabbit is Josy's biological father)

Em as a purple dinosuar

  • I can't even understand!
  • Budded (bloodshot eyes (the term is referring to Bud from Space Goofs))
  • I think they were telling you to be masculine, and shut the heck up about your transsexuality! (a reference to Candy being Transgender in the Stupid Invaders video game)
  • That's Squidward's crap! (Referring to putting a gun in your mouth to commit suicide)
  • Warning this will offend you most definitely!
  • It can range from Walldoor (she actually said Wooldoor) and Captain hero (she was talking about rule 34)
  • Annnneeeeewaaaaays!
  • Were they smoking 50 types of Marawana (Cannabis) when they came up with this!?!?
  • But it's always trans-women, what about Trans-men?
  • In fact [[|Josy the Rabbit|Josy]] doesn't even has breasts yet!
  • It's about this woman played by a foster child named Jodie, get it! Jodie Foster!
  • Still don't care!
  • Actually, is that every trans-woman on earth? (referring to tucking)
  • I'm going to survive an actors Wikipedia article (that actor was Benedict Cumberbatch)
  • No crap Sherlock!
  • HIS WIFE'S NAME IS SOPHIE, HIS WIFE'S NAME IS SOPHIE!!! MY SISTER?!?! (she has a sister named Sophie, and she was referring to Benedict Cumberbatch's wife)
  • Can I trust anybody now?
  • No! I'm looking for the cartoon! (referring to Archie Comics. She Googled Betty Cooper, and found search results relating to the show Riverdale)
  • WHO IN THE UNIVERSE!!! (her reaction after learning that a 12-year old from Quebec (Em is Canadian) posted sexual pictures of her onto the Internet)
  • Actually, you are correct stupid Idiotic 12-year old from FREAKING QUEBEC!!! That was not a punishment that was good enough, You needed to go to PRISON!!!!!!!
  • There's only one problem, they didn't arrest her! and you know why this bad? YOU SHOULD ARREST HER FOR HER LIFE!!!!!!!
  • I've lost faith in Quebec, That's the only BAD province of Canada!!!
  • That Madamoiselle, should really go to, Le Jail!!!
  • There is no U in Color (ironically that's how it's spelled in Canada)
  • This whole frickin effect! (Referring to the #Metoo scandals, which she thinks is BULLSHIZZ!!!)
  • FREAKING DYKES!!!!!!!!!
  • Turkina is NOT a Lesbian, she's a Genderfluid/transgender man (she said this because she watched a video by the YouTube channel The Things where they said that Turkina likes women because she could either be Transgender or Genderfuild. Sexuality and Gender identity are 2 different things!, but they decided to say the offensive line just because they knew how much Em HATES lesbian stereotypes!)
  • 13 reasons why _____ is bad!
  • I thought Macklemore said he went to THE MUPPET STORE!!!
  • I'm Asexual!
  • What do want, a _____?
  • Like seriously!,



  • Em was born somewhere between 1997-2005 which would make Em a Gen Y/2000’s kid
  • Em’s avatar took inspiration from Rebeltaxi and the Powerpuff Girls
  • Em has a weird dislike for Justin Bieber (and EVEN went as far as insulting The Kissing Booth by calling it “Justin Bieber diarrhea”, for being a ”stupid PG-13 Rom-Com with Heterosexuality, Unrelatable and Cliched characters”, because the main characters had sex)
  • Em is a Lesbophobe (because Em feels like their being threatened by the LGBTQ+ community)
  • Em self-indentifies as Agender, Asexual and Aromantic (also Em hates the thought of having sex)
  • Em doesn’t think The Emoji Movie is bad
  • Em is fixated on a scene[1]of Squidward in the SpongeBob episode Pineapple Fever
  • Em has "middle functioning" autism