Drake Wade Josh, usually just referred to as Drake is a fictional character created by Em. Debuting in a series of “test comics” on Em’s former tumblr account (Em’s new account is, Drake would later be brought back for Em’s upcoming television cartoon Em Street along with Josy, Heather, Terry, and Birdtha.

Currently, he is the only male protagonist in the franchise.


Drake is described by Em as “a Pansexual Duck That (most, if not) everyone in Em Street is in love with, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend (Heather).” He is also characterized by his love of Beer, and his frequent panic attacks caused from his Anxiety.



At the start of the series he and Heather are in a relationship (which according to them started 4 months ago, and Heather still hasn’t met any of his friends. A reference to the Chris Rock song No Sex in the Champagne Room), but begins to form a relationship with Josy as the series progresses.


Josy has said on multiple occasions that she, “Lubs him,” though Drake is not sure if he loves her back.


Simon and Drake are best friends attending College together. Alot of their classmates and other people actually think the 2 of them are a couple, the thought of which makes Simon uncomfortable.


  • Drake, Tune and Harmony are the only main/recurring characters to not break the 4th wall
  • Drake is one of the few characters whose appearance, name, age, and personality remained the same in the final product
  • Drake’s assigned sex is not given, meaning he could either be Cisgender or Transgender